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Do you supply Labels?
Perhaps the most common question asked.
Yes we supply labels (blank or pre-printed) in a variety of materials. We also supply standard Zebra labels too, normally available in Stock.

Do your Satin materials Fray?
The soft satin does fray on the Cut Ends. One Solution used by many of our customers is to sew both cut ends in or try our Fray Resistant Satin or Nylon Taffeta Materials, which are more resistant to fraying.

Can you offer Black Satin? & What does the White Print look like?
We do offer Black Satin materials in Soft Satin, Fray Resistant & Woven Edge Materials. They can be printed in white, but because it is printed on a black background the “white” print appears a shade lower than brilliant white.

How does your SEW02 printing system work?
This is an integration of a number of labelling products we have put together and tested on all of our materials. The system consists of a Printer, Ribbon and Roll of material. The Printer, print ribbon and the roll of material are matched to obtain the best possible print. The ribbon supplied is Black, but we can supply a limited range of colour ribbons on request.

I want to block out a logo on my products, do you have a label that can do this?
Generally used to cover up product identification or barcodes, we do supply a “Block out” label. They have a very good adhesive, they are difficult to remove and will cover up anything underneath. The labels can also be printed too by using one of our printers